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  • i'm catra and this is my secret online hideout. i'm a musician/music producer from the middle east, love to spend my time creating. when i'm not doing sooo, i'm probably doing one of the many other hobbies i have, or on my youtube channel that u can check out buuut, i do lose my mind a little over there.

    i learned how to "code" (if u can call it that) since the end of 2022, this is my 1st website.
    i think i'm one of those ppl who have a certain bone in their body that does everything that isn't right when it comes to coding. i wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for smart ppl in forums to solve the issues i accidentally created lol

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    on repeat:

    ep: heaven - softcult

    status:buzzed, energetic creativity flow

    to do:
    - add more to random page
    - bring back pet
    - new home page (again)
    - fix creations, vibes r not vibing
    - fix the buttons on websites page
    - change look of websites page
    - add https://mczak.com/code/sudoku/
    - find new guestbook

  • email: catraa.a08@gmail.com
    > dont spam