fun site change coming soon.... :3 ;3 x3 i think u get it lol

my internet island

while you're here, lock your worries away in a box and step into my world (my code is shit rn so perhaps be imaginative to fill in the holes).

welcome to my first ever website. if you kinda know me you'd know that i've been working on learning how to code, i think i'm one of those ppl who have a certain bone in their body that does everything that isn't right when it comes to coding. i wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for smart ppl in forums to solve the issues i accidentally created lol, thank u a lot

& sign my guestbook!!!! it excites me sm. edit: i wish there was a reply function on my guestbook bc everything yall say is so nice, dont be scared to dm if u wanna chat!!

ps: i've only been coding html and css for circa 2 months (dec 2022) so the code is kinda wacky at times for certain devices, you're free to lmk if there's any issues but don't expect it to be solved since im still bad at it


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to do list:
- add neocities to fave sites
- fix background on index
- do smth for no category
- get a blog section
- get a more exciting about me page